Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing #14 Explore Technorati

I think there is great value in using Technorati over search engines like Google to find blog postings. I like the Key Word Feature better than the Blog Directory using tags because you can get most specific in your search. I tried several searches using both methods and came up with the same number of results. But when I searched in the Blog directory I had to click the "blog post" button to get more results which is an extra step over searching with the Key Word Feature.

What I found interesting about searching topics using Technorati is the vast array of conflicting opinions about the same subject. For example, I searched using the key word "Kindergarten" and found one post that suggested Full Day Kindergarten was more beneficial than Half Day Kindergarten. Then there was another post that said that Kindergarten was a waste of time.

I also did a search on my favorite American Idol contestant, Alex Lambert, that didn't make the top 12. My husband can't believe that I'm still lamenting over the fact that he was booted off before he even got started. I love his voice even if everyone says he's not a great performer. His tone is like a young Rod Stewart. And there's just a sweetness about him that's so endearing. If you haven't had a chance to hear him click here.

Oh yea, back to my assignment - tags are great!

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  1. I absolutely love Alex Lambert too! I was so upset when he went home too. I was glad to see him on Ellen this week still singing. I don't think it will be long before we start hearing him on the radio!