Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #12 Creating Community through Commenting

Reading about how to create community through commenting was very inspiring. At first this journey was all about the assignment and learning Web 2.0 but now I'm beginning to buy into blogging, reading other's blogs and commenting in a meaningful way. I enjoyed reading Cool Cat Teacher's tips on How to Comment Like a King (or queen). I learned how much power and credibility a well thought out and meaningful comment can bring to a person's blog. I also learned that it can create credibility for you and draw others to your blog.

I thought it was interesting to read the comments on 10 Techniques to get more comments on your blog. When I came to a negative comment, I couldn't help think about the Darth Vader mentioned in Cool Cat Teacher's blog. Not only do comments like this tear down the blogger, they ruin it for everyone else who's enjoying the blog and has to read such negativity.

I enjoyed commenting on other blogs from our class. Books Are People Too had an excellent article in Newsweek about firing bad teachers. The article evolked some interesting emotions in me as I read the author's take on our current educational system. I hope others read it and comment as well.

I wanted to comment on blogs other than those about education so I spread my wings a little and "googled" blogs about faith. I came across the Women of Faith blog. It was so refreshing and made me laugh out loud. I commented on Patsy Clairmont's article entitled "Breathing Space". She says her biggest struggle is "how do I get away from me? I often get on my own nerves." I love it!!! Her ideas and other's comments are very practical and uplifting.

I also found Beth Moore's (Living Proof's Ministries) blog and not only commented but became a follower. I've been taking her Bible Studies for years and have grown in my faith by leaps and bounds.

I'm so glad we had this assignment!

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