Friday, April 16, 2010

Thing #23 Summary of the 23 Things Experience

1. What were my favorite discoveries or exercises on this journey?

The journey itself was a wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. I started out with a lot of fear, very little knowledge and experience with technology and zero knowledge and experience with Web 2.0. I've gained so much confidence now. My failures turned into triumphs and taught me so much.

I think my favorite activities were (1) creating the blog and using it to write about my journey (2) creating my avatar (3) playing with the online image generators (I showed my husband these applications and he still plays with them. He loves to put himself on the cover of golf magazines and then posts them on Facebook)

The most useful thing I learned about was Flickr Creative Commons. I have used it consistantly since the day I learned about it. I even earned a technology t-shirt at my school for doing a presentation on this website to my Kindergarten teammates. I also think the social bookmarking sites are extremely useful. I plan on signing up for Diigo and introducing it to my teammates. It will definitely help us organize all the websites we use.

The most frustrating thing about these new Web 2.0 discoveries is the inability to use most of them in Katy ISD.

2. How has this program assisted or affected my life-long learning goals?

Just as Vaughn predicted in a comment she made on Thing #2 7 1/2 Habits for Life-Long Learning, I now have the knowledge and confidence to use technology to my advantage in my work and personal life. I have already integrated Flickr CC and Glogster into my instruction, created a Wiki for organizing study groups, posted my avatar on my Facebook page and created several photo stories for personal and classroom use.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised me?

The first unexpected outcome was that I can actually embrace Web 2.0 technology now. I also didn't realize how much fun it is to participate in a community of learners through blog comments. I love to comment on other's blogs and look forward to reading the comments on mine.

4. What could you do differently to improve upon this program's format or concept?

Honestly, the only thing I would say you could do to improve the experience is to check the links occasionally and take out the ones that don't work anymore. Otherwise, I'd say the program meets all the goals and objectives it sets out to meet.

5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would I choose to participate?

Yes! Technology is always changing and evolving. It's important to continue to grow and learn.

6. How would I describe my learning experience in one word or one sentence, so you can use my words to promote 23 Things learning activities?

Worth the ride!

7. Now go and comment on some of the other player's blogs!

Sure! I'm off to make some comments!


  1. Leigh Ann, that's great that you turned around and taught your kindergarten team about Flickr and that your school has something in place to reward teachers who share knowledge. Did your librarian set that up? It reminds me that as librarians, we won't be the only "experts" on campus and encouraging teachers to share their knowledge is a great way to build knowledge and community.

  2. Good Job all the way throughout the project! I love reading your posts. I'm glad we have become friends.

  3. My all appreciation are with you...Great job..