Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thing #20 Explore YouTube & TeacherTube

Of course as a Kindergarten teacher I'm always looking for ways to engage my students and keep them excited about learning. Young children love to sing. We use songs all the time to teach skills such as phonics and phonemic awareness. We even have a song that teaches how to "Reduce", "Recycle" and "Reuse" for Earth Day. So I went searching on You Tube for Kindergarten songs. Here's one from Hooked on Phonics that teaches rhyming. I hope this works!

So, I'm going to end my post by saying "Thanks 23 Things for helping us test our Web 2.0 Wings! Ha Ha! I know, I'm corny. But I teach Kindergarten, what did you expect?


  1. isn't it truly amazing how many wonderfully entertaining things there are for helping kids learn...and free for the using!
    I love how all of the 23 Things participants constantly find new things for me to see and experience.

  2. Video is really wonderful...amazing..