Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thing #5 Explore Flickr

This week we are learning about adjectives in my Kindergarten class. I'm excited to search Flickr for pictures the students can describe using adjectives. I found this picture by using the descriptor "old lady". I'm interested to see what adjectives my students use to describe her.
I also really enjoyed reading about "tagography" case studies. My favorite was "pickleproject". I can't believe people actually come up with these crazy things! I love this resource and can't wait to share it with my Kindergarten teammates.

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  1. Scared me when the picture popped up...thought I was looking in the mirror at first!

    When you write about a site, make it a hot link so your reader can click on links make your blog posts really rich resources...highlight the word and use the chain icon on the blog post toolbar